• About Us

    About Us

    KAIC is the only university holding joint-stock enterprise in Hebei Province. As one of state-defined innovation-oriented company, KAIC owns national level lab detecting center, the world’s only Water Cooling stimulation center, PHD Research Center of North China University of Science and Technology. The funder of KAIC Professor Ren Jitang is the director of DCCS, Dynamic Cooling Control System for steel rolling, academic research project, which is founded by Chinese National Nature Science Foundation (Project Number: 50476084). The KAIC’ new campus owned 5000SQM Research Center. Nevertheless, KAIC owns the world’s only technology to control recrystallization of martinsite on the base of rebar after water-cooling process . Meanwhile, KAIC owns the only technology about apply DCCS to all size Sections (H-beam, Angel and etc.) to improve post-rolling qualities, and DCCS already been successfully deployed on 2 Angel rolling production lines. Moreover, KAIC also dominated several world class technologies in industrial automation field, including precise temperature control for high speed wire rod (range within ±10℃),closed loop automation control for high-speed wire rod production line, pneumatic two position three-way valve and actuator (process time 0.1-0.5s adjustable) and etc.

    Manufacture Capability
    KAIC’s new factory planet, which is invest 150 million RMB to build, settled on 8 acres land. The 8000 sqm mechanical plant, owns various types of CNC machine tools and ancillary and welding equipment, is able to manufacture not only DCCS equipment for Rebar, Wire and Section rolling production line, but also rolling line related auxiliary equipment,including Flying hears, Pinch roll, Cold Bed etc. Meanwhile, KAIC also has a 1500 square meters of dustless automation components production and assembly workshop, can produce series of automation components.